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eXact® Strip Micro Total Hardness Conditioner

Part No. 486666

50 Tests

At ITS, we have created our own unique reagent delivery system. This strip form of the eXact® Reagent Micro is to allow for the testing of Total Hardness in water (with a Total Alkalinity level of over 200 ppm.)

This reagent is to be used in conjunction with any eXact® photometer that supports the test and can ONLY be used with the eXact® Strip Micro - 486656 Total Hardness High Range test (buy here).

This is easy to use without technical training and gives you lab-quality results. Note: In order to know if you need to use this Conditioner strip for your Total Hardness High Range test, you need to detect eXact® Strip Micro - 486641 Total Alkalinity first (buy here). If Total Alkalinity is over 200ppm ("HI") then you need to use this Conditioner Strip with the Total Hardness High Range strip.

For use with:

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