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eXact® Strip Calcium Ultra High Kit

Part No. 486668-K

 50 Tests

At ITS, we have created our own unique reagent delivery system. This kit form of the eXact® Reagent Micro is to test for Ultra High Calcium. This mini kit includes our patented dry reagent strip and a liquid dropper bottle.

This reagent can ONLY be used in conjunction with the eXact iDip 570 and the eXact Micro 20. The colour or turbidity change it causes in the water is then calculated by the photometer, giving the user a fast and accurate result. This is easy to use without technical training and gives you lab-quality results.

Notes: Each unit consists of a kit containing (1) bottle of 50 CAH strips and (1) CAH dropper bottle with liquid reagent for 50 tests. This kit can currently ONLY test for Marine water.

For use with:

idip-570.png micro-20.png 

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