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ReadySnap® 2 Method Verification Solution

Part No. 480902

 For verifying Arsenic, Iron, Phosphate, Ammonia, Nitrate, and Manganese in water.

Pack of 10 glass ampoules containing 10 mL

This ReadySnap® 2 Method Verification is a water solution with predetermined parameter values to verify the accuracy of any of our tests (including our eXact photometers).

You can use this solution to check that your tests are working well. If you get the acceptable results using the ReadySnap® 2 then you can be confident that the test works and that you are performing it correctly. The ReadySnap® 2 solution is used in a simple 3 step procedure: snap, fill and test. Notes: If you are still worried about your results, remember to check the testing procedure in the manual and check the cell and the batteries.

Instruction Manual

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