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Quick™ Arsenic Scan

Part No. 481305

Detects: 0.01 to >1.00 color density ppb (µg/L) (as low as 0.2 ppb (µg/L) arsenic)

This Quick Arsenic scan is an instrument that can be used with all Arsenic Quick test kits. This instrument allows for further accuracy in reading results. This portable density measurement device scans the reacted test strips and reports a density value. There is a supplied Look-up table to understand the results.

This is a battery operated machine which makes it easy to use on-field and provides clearer and more accurate results by removing the need to colour-match. The Arsenic Quick Scan unit can be used with all Quick and Quick II series water quality test kits.

Notes: This device will only work together with one of the Arsenic Quick or Quick II test kits. It is unable to detect the presence of Arsenic on its own.

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