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Ensuring Guest Safety: Navigating HSG282 Compliance for Hot Tub Amenities in Holiday Accommodations

Ensuring Guest Safety: Navigating HSG282 Compliance for Hot Tub Amenities in Holiday Accommodations


When it comes to offering holiday accommodations with all the bells and whistles, including luxurious amenities like hot tubs, ensuring guest safety is paramount. The popularity of staycations, particularly in the UK, has seen a surge in demand for private hot tubs, adding an extra layer of relaxation and enjoyment to the vacation experience. However, with great amenities comes great responsibility, and that's where regulations like HSG282 step in.

Understanding HSG282: A Safer Experience for All

HSG282, introduced in January 2017 by the Health & Safety Executive, provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for the control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa and pool systems. This regulation is particularly crucial for properties that offer holiday homes, lodges, log cabins, and caravans, equipped with hot tubs. The aim is simple yet critical: to ensure that guests using hot tubs in various holiday accommodations can do so without unnecessary risks to their health.

Key Aspects of HSG282 Compliance for Hot Tub Owners

  1. A Suitable Hot Tub: The regulation begins with the need for a suitable hot tub that adheres to the guidelines. This includes maintaining a minimum water capacity of 250 liters per person. This provision is not only for comfort but primarily to prevent overcrowding and maintain a hygienic environment.

  2. Maintenance and Operation: HSG282 emphasizes the necessity of a documented maintenance plan. Hot tub owners must ensure regular cleaning, servicing, and water chemistry maintenance. This is particularly important for water care, ensuring the water is properly balanced before new guests arrive. Detailed instructions on hot tub usage and water balance should be provided to guests, especially for longer stays.

  3. Record Keeping: Keeping written records of maintenance processes and cleaning routines is a critical aspect of compliance. These records serve as tangible proof that the hot tub is consistently maintained and checked. A simple spreadsheet can effectively document these activities.

  4. Risk Assessment: No procedure should be implemented without a thorough risk assessment. Property owners need to identify potential risks and develop a plan to manage and mitigate them. Documenting the risk assessment and its findings is essential for accountability.

Further Steps for HSG282 Compliance

  • Headrests: If headrests are present in the hot tub, they need special attention. Due to their potential to harbor germs, they should either be meticulously cleaned between guest stays or removed.

  • 24-Hour Filtration: The hot tub should have a continuous 24-hour filtration cycle to ensure that the water remains clean and free from debris.

  • Water Disinfectant: Adequate methods for adding and maintaining chlorine and bromine levels are essential for effective water disinfection.

Enhancing Compliance with the Safe Swim Meter

In the pursuit of HSG282 compliance, property owners can benefit from tools that streamline the process. Our Safe Swim Meter is designed to meet HSG282 standards and facilitate water testing. This tool empowers property owners to ensure that their hot tub water consistently meets safety benchmarks, offering both an exquisite experience and peace of mind to guests.


Offering holiday accommodations with hot tub amenities comes with a responsibility to prioritize guest safety. HSG282 provides a comprehensive framework for property owners to follow, ensuring that guests can enjoy their hot tub experience without unnecessary health risks. By adhering to the guidelines and considering tools like the Safe Swim Meter, property owners can create a truly relaxing and safe environment for their guests, enhancing the allure of staycations in the UK.

Safe Swim Meter

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